All about ME

Hello! My name is Emma. I am a textbook creative, visual artist, optimist, empath and soul sister.
I live intuitively and vigorously. I get a kick out of photography, and can lose hours on people and nature watching.
I love the human form in all its glory, and I am fascinated by our spirits, humans and animals alike!
I am absolutely in love with my hometown, Cape Town, yet I thoroughly enjoy exploring new cultures, flavours and places and am willing to travel for sessions.

All about YOU

I am here to capture your essence, your ‘je ne sais quoi’, your beautiful self.
Because, there is after all, only one of you! Whether you do it for yourself, a lover, a husband or wife, you should be celebrated and documented and treasured.
We all know, that we all have insecurities and issues and baggage, and I want to help you let go of some of those. I want you to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, to set you free, to feel the miracle of you.

All about the EXPERIENCE

Having this experience doesn’t have to be all serious and life altering. We have lots of fun during the session, rolling with laughter and shining with sassiness! We play your favourite tunes and part as friends.
Don’t worry, you are not expected to ‘know how to pose’, I have a series of poses that work well, and will guide you all the way.
It is an interactive experience; we communicate throughout to make sure you have the best possible session.
I don’t judge, I capture. You set the pace of the session. You can show as little or as much as you want and feel comfortable with. You can bring props and outfits to your hearts’ content, whatever rocks your world.

All about ETHICS

I offer the same professional, courteous, respect and fun to all my clients, no matter your gender or preferences. I treat all my clients with the utmost discretion and completely respect your privacy. I offer a safe environment for you to be yourself, to express yourself and to love yourself.

So, stop wondering and start doing! Go on, shake out your mane, wiggle your booty and jump out of your comfort zone!